Who We Are





Comfort Baptist Church is not (just) a building.

         We are:

       -A community of joyful believers who recognize God’s great gift of salvation                     through Jesus Christ and our purpose in God’s plan for the world.
       -100+ members of all ages, from young children to senior adults.
       -4 staff members, 12 deacons, with active committees, ministry teams, and                     numerous volunteers.
       -Founded as First Baptist Church of Comfort in 1936.
       -Committed to growing together as disciples of Jesus Christ through worship,                 prayer, Bible Study, fellowship, evangelism, and mutual encouragement.
       -Serious about making disciples. Our mission is to be a disciple-making church,
         committed to being disciples who exercise their faith in practical ways and who             intentionally make disciples.
       -Spiritually diverse. We are all at different places in our journey of faith. Some are
        seekers, some are mature believers, some are Bible scholars, and some are just            beginning to explore God’s Word. No matter where you are in your spiritual                    journey, you are an important part of our church body, and we desire to help you            grow.
        -A welcoming church. We are not an exclusive club. We welcome all people who               wish to grow in their understanding and pursue a deeper, more fulfilling                         relationship with God and with the Lord Jesus Christ.
        -Autonomous in government, but we have a strong denominational affiliation with           our  national (SBC) and state conventions (Texas Baptists).
        -On mission. We recognize that our commissioning from the Lord is not to “come             and sit,” but to “go and do.” We are not called to be consumers, but to be servants           who seek to 
meet the needs of fellow churches members as people and families           in our local community.